Goblin, Hero of the Battle at Wyvern Tor


Slurry was a goblin, originally of the Cragmaw Tribe, who was the companions’ prisoner and guide. Cowardly and spiteful, Slurry helped the companions in seeking out Cragmaw Cave. Over time, he came to look up to and worship Orik Stormwind. In Slurry’s mind, Orik’s antithesis was the evil Jon, who had shoved his Cragmaw brother’s eyeballs in his face. Despite his barbaric ways, Slurry did not like his brothers’ guts being flaunted so, and even more he did not like being scared.

Orik’s pure heart had apparently shined some light upon Slurry’s rotten, goblin soul and made him realize there were finer things in life than raiding hamlets and eating raw pig-leg…Slurry, after much thinking (or at least as much as a goblin is capable of) realized that maybe one day he could be a hero, just like Orik! Over time, the party noticed Slurry would help more in combat, often leaping for a few seconds into the fray to finish off a defenseless mortally wounded monster (read: posing no threat). Slurry would also make spiteful remarks towards Jon, attempting to show some bravery. It seemed Slurry had become a rather good-hearted member of the party…perhaps he entertained ideas of pursuing the paladin’s path himself?

Unfortunately, Slurry’s incumbent heroism got himself killed when he got spittooned by orc javelins at Wyvern Tor…but not before stabbing a giant ogre to death. So ended the tale of Slurry.